User Rating: 10 | World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria PC
This upgrade has everything right, story after story and tons of quests to do and most quest main points are voiced over so you can read and listen or just listen. Be nice if more was voiced over but compared to past xpacks its awesome. rnrnPandaria is breath taking. From the moment you fly in , you get hit with lots of color. It isnt childish. It has alot of honorable and mature quests. It also has alot of fun, laughable quests as well.rnrnThe races you run into in Pandaria are done well. rnEven gear is not that hard to gain, they made it just right so you can upgrade gear and do dungeons.rnrnThere is limitation in this Xpack tho. You need to be 90 and gain rep with a faction to fly there. For crafting the main extra crafting mat you need to make stuff and buy recipes is bind on pickup and has a bad drop rate. For this i take away 5 points to make it a 9.5.rnrnSome cool stuff is the pet battle system. Better then Pokemon imo and nothing like it but still cant stop the masses from joking like it is like that. rnAll mounts on your account is now account wide.rnSame with vanity pets that you use in battle pets.rnrnBest of all you can make a Pandarian and lvl up through a wonderful starting area then choose a side to help. You can make rough looking Pandarians to cute looking ones. Monk class is fun to play and Blizz made it possible for you to lvl them fast with buffs and racials so your not stuck lvling up a new class forever.rnrnThis is a must play to at least play through Pandaria and lvl up a monk. Dungeons i have done are fun and the raids and scenarios look to be alot of fun.