Same old thing but oversimplified

User Rating: 3 | World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria PC
*This is only a first impression of the game, i'm just back to WOW but already wondering to left again*
A new (ridiculous for me) race, a new continent, new quests, dungeons, equips. etc. etc.
But the game mechanics is showing is age and everything looks old and, at least for me, boring.
The worst thing is the new talent three, made ​​for brainless people: every class can choose between three specialization with no or very little customization. Considering you have the double spec. everyone will be the same as others.
The only real new addiction, the pet challenge, is cute but only a minigame to spend some time instead of sitting with your flying mount on the Stormwind roofs.
WOW at its worst.
After Diablo III, not a good year for Blizzard.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)