What's The Best PvP Class in Mists of Pandaria ?

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PvP in world of warcraft is one part of playing method lots of gamers love. To defeat emenies and win the battle in pvp,we should have the best pvp class by your Alliance or Horde side. As of what we know from the talents what do you think will be the best class for PvP come Pandaria, also say which spec you think will be. In Mists of Pandaria, what's the best pvp class ?

Rogues are one of the best PVP class in WoW Mists of Pandaria, which is still pretty good. They put out decent pressure, and smoke bomb is probably hands down the best skill in arena and makes the most of wow gold.

Warriors are probably one of the strongest classes right now with ridiculous damage from colossus smash and sudden death - they also benefit immensely from the high-dispel playstyle of cataclysm over wrath when it was actually possible to control them. Ferals are also ridiculous damage right now, especially considering their utility with instacast cyclone etc.

Hunters are by far the most played pure class, blizzard is afraid of too many hunters in game if they actually made the class desirable. IF you have played since vanilla, you can see all the little things they are doing to make the class less appealing.

The Monk class has a high skill cap and they come with a learning curve. The Windwalker PvP bonuses are quite powerful and players aren't really taking advantage of them yet. We absolutely want the newest class to be popular, but we're also trying to be conservative and not recreate the situation where the Death Knight dominated PvP and PvE when it first launched. We do want to give the Monk a few more weeks and see where it stands, but we are keeping a close eye on how things develop.

What's the best pvp class in Mists of Pandaria ? After reading this article,you might try playing rogues,warriors,hunters and monks to see if they are the best pvp classes in MoP. These are the suggestions for you to choose the best pvp class. Some are depends on your own playing skills and interests.Ofcourse, to become the strongest pvp class in MoP,you should have enough wow gold to buy powerful weapons, and if you are in need of gold, just hit http://www.buywowgoldus.com ,they are professional in selling cheapest world of warcraft gold with fast delivery.

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