How To Upgrade Your Weapon In Mists Of Pandaria ?

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Players can change weapons according to their level range to become more powerful in game. Gamers can choose a wide range of characters that have an even wider range of skill-sets.  A lot of players, even if they're intrigued by the game, still want to jump levels as quickly as possible. The same goes for making wow mop gold. But players also want to level their weapons faster, too.So here are the tips about how to upgrade your weapons in mists of pandaria.

Tip 1. By making the trek to Razorfen Kraul, Shadowfang Keep, Ragefire Chasm or Wailing Caverns and offering to run through lower levels, you can quickly grind your weapon skills up. And if you do this with a rogue or an ALT character, you can get some easy quests completed and some extra cash.

Tip 2. When you run into a weapon with a superior class, you're deflated and ready to pack it in. Fortunately, there's a quick and simple way to level up those weapons so that you won't run into anything superior for long.

Tip 3. There are other World of Warcraft weapon skill upgrade tips to use, including going to town and evading a bugged mob. You can also use your new weapon on trash mobs in raids, making sure that nobody's noticing that you're lacking in skill. You'll be bumped up a level.

Tip 4. Find a warlock friend and get him to repeatedly banish something to increase your weapon's skill. Or if you duel a Paladin, win or lose, your weapon skill can be leveled up. There are countless ways to do this, but most require a bit of effort. But trust me; it beats the heck out of paying someone to do it for you! You'll get to play and experience the game, learning something new every step of the way.

Updrading weapon in Mists of Pandaria is a kind of skill, and it's needful for you to whether you are playing PvP or killing monsters. With the above tips, you'll be successfully upgrade your weapons in Mists of Pandaria. These guides are coming from If you are interested in more guides,just click the link and enter the page to find free wow guides or buy cheapest wow gold without getting banned.

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lol? they got rid of weapon skill years ago.
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Hmmm..... lots of words for just trolling