Is World of Goo all that it is cracked up to be? YES IT IS!

User Rating: 9 | World of Goo WII
I kept seeing reviews for World of Goo all over the internet, and couldn't help but notice all the acclaim and awards it was receiving. I also noticed how it as a WiiWare game beat out most if not all of the other Wii Games for " Wii Game of the Year" in numerous publications.

After seeing a price tag of 1500 Wii Points ($15) I decided to stay away, but I still couldn't ignore the constant conversations around the scuttlebut concerning it either.

So after a Christmas stocking stuffer of a 2000 Wii Points card, I decided to give it a shot. I immediately appreciated the quirkiness and uniqueness of it. The graphics are interesting, as is the sound and environments. It's definitely one of the most fresh games (if not the freshest) I've seen in a while.

The first few puzzles were ridiculously easy, and I lamented that I had spend my gift card poorly. Soon after though I was treated to increasingly more difficult levels, some downright hard, weirdly refreshing cutscenes and a whole new outlook on videogames.

2D Boy has really accomplished something here. They've really reinvented puzzle gaming and shown what games in general can be like. AND THIS IS A WIIWARE TITLE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!!!!!

It's a game you should definitely give a shot. For those who are turned off by the pricetag as I was, there is a free demo you can download first.

2D Boy!!!! I stand up and APPLAUD you!!!!