Good and bad. Good multi player and no base management. Bad, very repetitive and mirror balance.

User Rating: 8 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
World in Conflict is definitely a good game. Difficulty is very easy. I have spent at least 20-40 hours playing.
WiC has very good multi player. Most pubs, that I seem to get, are good matches. A lot of people have bad experiences with public matches. However, watch for the arty whores, these people will spam nothing but heavy arty and keep the AA back to protect them instead of helping the team. Try to talk to them and convince them to do something else. If you want good strats and a chance for real teamwork, then join a clan.
Another positive is the fact that there is no base management. If you play games like Age of Empires or Company of Heroes, you may get overwhelmed with the fact that you have to look out for resources and your base. WiC is focused more on the micro management aspect of the game.
The game can get repetitive. You constantly do the same thing most of the time. It's not that big of a deal, but some people may be thrown off by it. It also has mirror balance, which means that the balance it the same for a unit on both sides. That means that a Russian heavy tank and an American Heavy tank will do the same damage if they hit the front armor. If you can flank behind the enemy, you will do more damage to them and may end up winning in an even match. Some people might not like the mirror balance, again up to them.
The campaign is awesome. A very good story. The intro to the New York mission is AWESOME.
Overall, this game is fairly good. Easy learning curve, good multi player and no base management are some good features. Repetitiveness may throw off some people as well as the mirror balance.