An okay action game hidden under a non-RTS RTS title.

User Rating: 4 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
To call World in Conflict an RTS would be like calling Diablo 2 a deep RPG. Are there similarities to being an RTS? Sort of. I mean you get to control units. When I think RTS, I think resource gathering, I think of building huge armies and laying out strategic defenses so as to give my opponent a hard time breaking said defenses to get to my honey pot. There is none of this in WiC. No gathering, no setting up defenses no RTS in other words. It plays very much like a hack and slash type RPG in that it's set in the same "feel" of an RTS without all the elements that make it one. This game plays more like an action game. If I am going to call it an action game, I'll have to call it a mediocre one at that. Using cut scenes to keep the story going, it sort of makes you want to keep playing to see what happens but it doesn't feel like your actions change the course of the preset history / story in any way. The action on the field can get intense at some points but after you master flipping back and forth between calling mortar barrages and air strikes then quickly flipping back to your platoon to give them orders, the game gets kind of easy.

I wasn't impressed with the AI of my platoon either. There was plenty of micro managing. So much so that it made me feel like our "highly" trained United States of kick butt and take names army troops were dullards. Leave them alone for a few seconds to scout out a drop zone or laser bomb a building and you come back to half of them gone because they weren't smart enough to target tanks instead choosing to chain gun troops while the Russian tanks made easy work of them. Gorgeous layouts though. The graphics are top notch so if this is your thing, you'll love this game. And the sound is satifsying. Nothing like calling in some Nape and then pulling back to your platoon and listening to the "whoooosh" of the hell fire that was unleashed. Tread lightly and don't believe the hype. If you are looking for a fast paced RTS or any semblance of an RTS other than being able to control troops from the sky, pass on this. If you are looking for an action game that allows you to control troops from the sky and let you decide what to bring into battle, then this'll be for you. Me? I'll go back to C&C3 and wait for SC2.