If this strategy game would not feature star wars as theme no one would play with it, most nice graphic, lame game play

1st I started up this game it seemed to be difficult and very in depth , so more I played with it (and I did win in both modes) I realized how endlessly boring and nearly pointless the entire game is, as for 1 in the story mode you cant just send ship where ever you like , but even the game punishes you with bug-like things you can only spawn 1 squad on planets you try to attack (but it wont tell you this you might think is a bug, in fact it tells you that you need reinforcements but the button is gray), the loading waiting screens before the battle is something that is made by a 5 year old – how even most of other graphic is nice, the land battles are so boring that in the end I chose to auto-resolve most of them – and I concentrated on having a large fleet above vulnerable planets so it wont come much to land battles, so my main problem this game does not require much of strategy – if this is not your 1st real time strategy game it will be boring after 10 minutes of real game play, but then at least the space battles are nice both the graphic and game play, depending how we see it $40 I was playing it for 20 hours – I won in both types of game play and uninstalled the game the $2/hour most games I get a lot better result then that, and I was not excited mist of the time I already know what I will do for the next few hours and approximately how long will it take to win