A truly unique game that is worth a purchase even if you don't know where all the characters come from.

When I heard talk of this having "over 50 playable characters" I thought it was a 2-D fighter. However, upon learning it was a turn-based RPG I became a bit skeptical. Even so, picking this game up was well worth the money.

Story: As one might expect from a cross-over game, the story is not the game's strong point. There are portals that connect various worlds and parallel universes, out of which characters emerge. The story, for what it is worth, is a lot more coherent than I thought it would be all things considered. And it is a lot of fun to wonder which character might pop out next and join the fray. 7/10

Gameplay: This is the game's forte and the reason you will come back for more, if you can manage to put the game down at all, that is. It plays like your traditional turn-by-turn RPG: you move your character, you can perform various actions and use items, and if you're in range you can attack an enemy. However, attacking an enemy is completely controlled by the player. You have a set of attacks to choose from, all of which send the enemy flying. You want to juggle them as best as you can. Hitting them just before they hit the ground will score a critical hit, doing extra damage. If you were standing next to an ally when initiating the attack, you can call them in to battle, too. It gets rather hectic, but it soon becomes clear that timing your button presses is much more advantageous than mashing your way through. Also to consider are special effects of each attack, like status ailments or bonus damage on landing a critical hit, that make the move order all very strategic. As you attack, an XP meter fills (not to be confused with EXP, which you use to level up your characters). XP can be used to dish out extremely powerful special moves, or even multi-hitting attacks which damage multiple enemies at once. However, think twice before using it. It is also used for characters to perform skills, which are unique to each character and can be used for a range of things: from healing to letting you use an extra attack in battle. There is a slight learning curve, but figuring out how best to deal damage keeps the battles fresh and fun. However, I can see how they may become slightly repetitive after a while, though I haven't personal been afflicted by this. 9/10

Content: I've read from various reviews that this game takes 40-60 hours to complete, which is a fairly good amount. However, there isn't bonus content, per se. You must strictly follow the story with no opportunity to grind. The grind for some is the highlight of similar rpgs (as someone who put in over 80 hours in fire emblem: awakening on one file, I can attest). Also, there are no shops to be found, meaning saving up your items is a must, (not that they're absolutely necessary early on). This to some way be disappointing, but it adds strategy to item usage and also ensures that players can't excessively level up characters and breeze through chapters. The fact that just the main story is so long is impressive in and of itself and I've yet to see if anything is unlocked upon completion of it. 8/10

Soundtrack: The soundtrack remixes a lot of old tunes you probably familiar with plus adds some new ones that fit right in. It is a very diverse mix and adds to the adrenaline-filled fights. It's also exciting to hear a familiar soundtrack start playing out of the blue signaling the entrance of a character whom you know and love. 9/10

Overall: I can confess that I didn't know many characters from companies other than Capcom, and I only knew the ones from Capcom because I played Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. However, that does not stop me from having a blast, (or sword swing), with all of the characters in this unique roster that I'm sure diehard fans would love more than I. If you enjoy RPGs or even beat-'em-ups and/or fighters, I would definitely recommend this game.