Wipeout 3 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Secret 4-Player Link-Up Mode

    You will need:
    • Two PlayStation consoles
    • Two TVs/Monitors
    • Two Game Discs
    • A link cable

    Connect the two PlayStations together as directed in the link-cable's instruction manual.

    On each machine, in turn, go to the Options screen and hold [START]. Press the O button to reveal a previously hidden ''Establish Link'' option appear at the bottom.

    Select this option with both machines; the first to select is the Host machine, the second is the Slave machine.

    Select the appropriate number of players (4 player split-screen or 2 player full-screen) and select your game mode.

    Enjoy playing in glorious link-up.

  2. Power Start with neGcon

    Accelerate until the acceleration bar is where the shield bar ends and hold it there. Pixel perfect alignment isn't neccesary, but I'm not sure of the actual error margin. This is rather easy as long as your accelerator is one of I, II or L buttons as these are analog (the R, A and B are digital).

    Since the neGcon doesn't rumble, the trick explained in most faqs and quides doesn't work unless you have a dual shock.

  3. Listen to the Game's Soundtrack

    To listen to every song in Wipeout 3, insert the game disc into an audio CD player.

  4. Prototype Track - LS104/AW73

    Code Effect
    Get gold in all venom tracks with every craft. Prototype Track - LS102/MG71
    Get gold in all rapier tracks with every craft. Prototype Track - LS103/AW72
    Get all gold in all vector tracks with every aircraft Prototype Track LS101/NP62
    Get gold in all phantom tracks with every craft Prototype Track - LS104/AW73
    Finish 1st on the first four tracks with all seven ships. Icaras Craft
  5. Unlockable Crafts and Tracks

    All of these are done in the Single Race option, any difficulty with one player:

    Code Effect
    Finish first in one track with the starting four craft Qirex RD craft
    Finish first in two tracks with the Qirex RD craft AG-S craft
    Finish first in three tracks with the AG-S craft Assegai craft
    Finish first in four tracks with the Assegai craft Icaras craft
    Finish first on the starting four tracks with one craft Hi-Fumii track
    Finish first on Hi-Fumii with two crafts P-Mar Project track
    Finish first on P-Mar Project with three crafts Manortop track
    Finish first on Manortop with four crafts Terminal track
  6. Cheats

    Enter these codes as your default name (found in Options).

    Code Effect
    THEHAIR All Challenges
    AVINIT All Crafts
    MOONFACE Infinite Hyperthrust
    BUNTY All Tournaments
    WIZZPIG All Tracks
    GEORDIE Infinite shield energy (and Hyperthrust)
    NOWHEELS Original Wipeout physics (Amplifies wall impacts and emulates collisions as they were in the original wipeout)
    CANER W All Prototype Tracks
    BEBEDEE Super speed pads (Speed pads turn while)
    JAZZNAZ Phantom Class
    DEPUTY Infinite weapons
    LINK Establish Link

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