Despite some obvious flaws, Siren's dark atmosphere will put the player in a mood that will send chills down their spine

Siren is similar to Resident Evil and Silent Hill in that of having the suspense and intense situations. It will definitely keep one nervous and entertained--especially if they are passionate for this type of survival horror. Overall, Siren's dark atmosphere will put the player in a mood that will send shivers down their spine despite minor problems. You will be able to literally see what your enemies see in this game through a power called 'sightjacking.' This keeps you one step ahead all the time.

The gameplay in Siren is quite different than your average adventure game. Controls are decently challenging, and seem to lack that certain smoothness one would wish for. Bottom scheme is familiar, but small delays and tight situations may bug you--but not enough to ruin the mood.

Graphics are favorable. For the time of release, Siren provides you with some nice imagery, but some details are lacking in certain points.

Sounds are impressive in this game. Music is genius--enemy grunts are eerie and startling--environmental effects as realistic as could ask for. Definitely one of the best factors of the game itself.

Siren is most certainly a game a survival horror fan should get. Perhaps even an average player of the genre may like it. Though, for those who aren't full interested in the type may be turned off.