Oh Seabass... have you lost your marbles son? Feels like a step in the wrong direction...

User Rating: 6.5 | Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 X360
I WAS a diehard PES fan, confidently beguiling the FIFA fan as a sheep, a creature of habit... "Get Pro Evo 5 mate, it is the best football game ever " is what i would say, and that is STILL true to this day. Now then... a general summary so you don't think i am being biased:

Good - Some visuals (crowd animation, pitch, stadium and a few players) are vastly improved.
The variety of motion capture for passing, tackling and shooting have gone up a notch and crossing is fantastic.
They have gained the license for Manchester United as well as Benfica and some greek teams like Olimpiakos. However they did lose the rights of Chelsea who were in Pro Evo 5 so they basically didn't gain any ground there.

Bad - Editing is abysmal, the only thing you can edit are player stats. That means you can no longer go and change the team names from "London FC" to "Chelsea" for example. I never minded that Pro Evo didn't spend much time on licenses in order to get the gameplay right because I could always rectify the silly names myself but that is now impossible... great (sarcasm).
You CANNOT transfer players!! I mean come on, you've been able to do that on every football game since about 1995 when players were deemed worthy of having a name.
There is a smaller database than in previous games, they took out the entire German league! They've got some decent players you know, but it's irrellevant of course since you can't even transfer the guys anyway.
They took out PES points and thus the PES shop! I personally liked this because it allowed you to gain points by playing matches, winning leagues and cups etc. which you could in turn use to unlock features, teams and players. Classic Brazil and such things as the 6 Star difficulty setting gave the game more longevity along with the comprehensive editing system that was in previous editions.
The music is terrible to be frank.

I might just have to try FIFA 07... or maybe keep updating Pro Evo 5?

A final thought- The intro movie is about 5 minutes long, and is destinctly unimpressive. So it seems they perhaps spent a lot of time and money on this pointlessness (that most people will only watch once) rather than including fundamental features in the game... good decision? I think not.