Missing a good soundtrack, story, and several aspects present in other games in the series, FF12 is a step in reverse.

I'll make this one short and bitter, unlike the game, which is long and bitter. FF12 is most obviously missing Square's genius composer and has replaced him with a man of moderate talent. The music would pass as acceptable were it not for the fact that other games in the series were glorified by simply excellent music in comparison.

The graphics are nice on the eyes but the art scheme feels monotonous as everyone, despite their different races, looks unexplainably too similar. The cutscenes are done with greater graphics than previous games but the content they are displaying doesn't merit the time spent on them.

The gameplay is fun for the most part. Early on, specializing each character into a field of your choice is fun, but you'll notice pretty quickly that there is no distinguishing characteristics between each person in your party. About 3/4 of the way through the game you'll have every character with the same abilities and nearly maxed out the exact same equipment slots for everyone, making strategic use of the characters' differences impossible. This lack of strategy in the game comes as its greatest disappointment for those players looking for a combat system to challenge their intellect, and not just their level-grinding skills. If you are sticking to the plot, and ignoring the side-quests, there is no point problem with grinding as the game is a little on the easy side and requires almost no use of that space between your ears. There is no plot worth mentioning.

A severe disappointment to the true Final Fantasy Fans, and an insult to those (like me) who foolishly trusted in the series' reputation.