William Shatner's TekWar Cheats For PC

  1. Various Codes

    Press the following keys while playing for the effect...

    Code Effect
    Shift+Alt+J All symbols
    Shift+Alt+W All Weapons
    Alt-Shift-G God mode and all weapons
    Num Lock God mode

    Contributed by: Sportsman 

  2. Command-line cheats

    In order to use these codes, start your game with one of the following command lines...

    Code Effect
    TEKD1 NOCHASE Removes shooting enemies
    TEKD1 NOENEMIES Removes everyone (except you)
    TEKD1 NOGUARD Removes the guards
    TEKD1 NOSTROLL Removes the innocent bystanders
    TEKD1 NOGORE Removes blood
    TEKD1 PRACTICE Level select
    TEKD1 NOBRIEFS Skip briefing
    TEKD1 NOSTALK Prevents stalking

    Contributed by: Sportsman