Wild Arms Alter Code: F Cheats For PS2

  1. Bonus Boss Battle

    After completing the Gate Generator and having Rudy rejoin the party, go to Saint Centaur and talk to the blind girl in the building under the Lone Paula Statue. The blind girl will tell you about a swordsman who had been frequently visiting her during the past few days. After this, leave the city and a message will notify you of a strange laughter. When it says "Do you wish to Continue?", choose yes. After a little cutscene, you'll be in a bonus boss fight againts "Monster Zed".

    Contributed by: CW Boi 209 

  2. Unlockable Characters

    Here's a list of unlockable characters.

    Code Effect
    Near the end of game, return to the Adlehyde sewers and bomb the floor in one of the new rooms. Emma
    Near the end of game, go to Baskar and talk to the guard by a pedestal. Proceed to the pedestal then head to Surf village. Then go to Jane's house. Jane
    Defeat Monster Zed and bring him a Defense Unit from Malduke after halfway through that dungeon. Zed

    Contributed by: CW Boi 209 

  3. Optional Boss Fights

    These are boss fights that are unlocked after performing certain tasks.

    Code Effect
    After defeating Boomerang in Ka Dingel, go to Devil's Playground and complete all 3 difficulties. Boomerang Flash
    Repair the Sweet Candy and sail in the water at the center of Filgaia. Leviathan (Water Golem)
    After getting the Airship, fly northeast to a stretched land of desert. Land in the back area then ride on Asgard to cross over to the other side. Barbados (Earth Golem)
    Bottom of the Killing Stone Cave near Adlehyde (Learn about it in Maella Abbey) Mage Fox
    Return to Jack's first dungeon, enter the name of the Elw elder, and use the item you find Humpty & Dumpty
    In Rosetta, hit the graveyard crows with Grenades then play the Old Guitar near the crystal Malcolm Rich
    Play the Old Guitar near the doll in the Adlehyde Exhibition Grounds Scrap Figures
    Find a crystal in the Demon's Lab and use the Old Guitar Ergegori
    Enter the Duplicator door on 1F of the Sea of Wind Epitaph and check the shelf with a party of Jack, Rudy, and Zed Dirty Magazines
    Use the Old Guitar on a crystal in the Perpetual Engine (Learn about it in the Baskar Village) Reckless Ent
    Use the Old Guitar near a crystal in Gento Soen Sadas
    Reach the end of De La Metallica (Maella Abbey Entrance) Balaam
    In Malduke, take the Green Route and match each puzzle with Triangle instead of Circle to find him Belial
    Call the Sweet Candy to water in the Elw Dimenion and use the Dragon Scale, then Old Guitar Vermillion
    Open every other chest in the game then open the black chest hidden in Port Timney Black Box
    Found on floor 100 of the Abyss Ragu O Ragula
    Collect all 100 Monster Medals in the Abyss and try to leave Shin Ragu O Ragula
    In Malduke, take the Red Route, and touch the crystals in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple to find him Lucifer
    In Malduke, take the Blue Route and activate every switch with the wrong weapons Sado
    Clear the Demon's Playground, find and open five Duplicator doors there, then enter the password to find his room (Use books in manager's room) Devil Angol Moa

    Contributed by: CW Boi 209 

  4. Hidden Dungeon 'Abyss'

    After the final dungeon, Ka Dingle/Malduke becomes available, return to one of the Elw Teleporters that you used in the early game and keep trying it. After a while, you'll see the teleport cinematic change and the music will become dramatic. When you step outside, you'll be in a special part of the Elw Dimension. Use the Magic Staff on the monkey to get the location, then leave and search the area for the entrance to the Abyss, a 100-floor bonus dungeon, where each floor is unique and the entire place is a giant maze!

    Code Effect
    Take a broken teleporter to the Elw Dimension Abyss
    Defeat the boss at the 100th floor, Ragu O Ragula Sheriff Star PA

    Contributed by: Genis Irving 

  5. EX Keys

    There are 25 EX Keys you can find in the game. When you load up a file, hit 'EX File' instead of Load to view data based on every key you've found.
    NOTE: These are the English unlockables. The Japanese illustration galleries are cut down to half in number (but have more pictures each), and the second half of those keys are the Voice Collections.

    Code Effect
    Take Emma to unlock a door in Lolithia's Tomb 1: EX New Game
    Found in Elw Pyramid 2 2: View Party Status
    In Elw Dimension's Tarjon Village (Costs 99 Gimel Coins) 3: Illustration Gallery 1
    Return to Surf Village and use the Wind Staff on the hidden chicken that wants to fly 4: Illustration Gallery 2
    Get all Sound Test tunes and talk to Suzanne at Maella Abbey 5: Illustration Gallery 3
    Dropped by the boss of the Photosphere 6: Illustration Gallery 4
    Dropped by the last golem you defeat 7: Illustration Gallery 5
    Find all of the 'Four Witches' books and return them to Maella Abbey 8: Illustration Gallery 6
    In the Black Market in Adlehyde (9,999,999 Gella) 9: Illustration Gallery 7
    Defeat the Black Box by opening every treasure chest 10: Illustration Gallery 8
    Duplicator chest in Pandemonium 11: Character Viewer
    Complete 50% of the Monster Book 12: Monster Viewer
    Obtained the battle after Rudy reaches level 100 13: Illustration Gallery 9
    Obtained the battle after Jack reaches level 100 14: Illustration Gallery 10
    Obtained the battle after Cecilia reaches level 100 15: Illustration Gallery 11
    Obtained the battle after Jane reaches level 100 16: Illustration Gallery 12
    Obtained the battle after Zed reaches level 100 17: Illustration Gallery 13
    Obtained the battle after Emma reaches level 100 18: Illustration Gallery 14
    Get 100% of the Map Complete and talk to the cat in Water Town Milama 19: Illustration Gallery 15
    Talk to Muriel once all of your flowers reach maximum Growth Value 20: Illustration Gallery 16
    Steal from the second form of the final boss 21: Illustration Gallery 17
    Defeat Shin Ragu O Ragula in the Abyss 22: Illustration Gallery 18
    Complete all 30 Puzzle Boxes and talk to Pakita in Ship's Graveyard 23: Opening Movie
    Against the third form of the final boss, deal 14000+ damage, then use Lucky Shot. You'll get it after the battle 24: Ending Movie
    Search on the world map at X: 16900, Y: 7900 25: Event Movies

    Contributed by: Genis Irving 

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