Kinda' dead, short, and not very challenging!

I am not a big hunting person to begin with. But this game is just too short and kind of way too easy! But it does kind of put some replay value to it. Trying to go back and get a high score on something when you know you can do better at it. I think if you play this game with the Wii gun controller, makes it somewhat fun to play with. The controls in the game is difficult to get use to but after a while you get the hang of it. Graphics in this game is not well done. It looks like it could have been a PS2 game that could have been released in the year 2000. This is more like an arcade game you'd see at a bar. That's what it pretty much is. It's definitely not a realistic hunting game. Because I think of this game as a run-'n'-gun type of game. Stealth isn't really a factor in this. Overall, I think the only fun part about this game is some of the parts in the game that you can play again and the other thing is using the Wii gun controller.