CoD WaW is a little Different then COD4 but Multiplayer shows those Differences Picture Perfect.

I really should get to the Point of all of this and why I gave the this game a 8

The Game is Pretty much Like COD4 and alot of ways but as I Mentioned up top in Multiplayer Differences Begin to show so so Much. The Story Mode is Fun yet as Disturbing and Violent as Ever. There is even a Message before you start saying WARNING THIS GAME CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT. And lets say thats right Body Parts flying all over the place Bodys Executions. It gets a little sad if you think about it, But needless to say this is stil a great game and the Multiplayer Adds more to this but doesnt do as well as COD4 did. There are well alot of Guns that are just USELESS I mean you will Use a Gun Mainly a Machinefun or Submachine Gun and lets just say you will stick with it. The rifles work in Singalplayer but not well Especially the Bolt Actions, COD4 all the guns really were good for different Situation but now as said you just stick with what you prefer. Maps are ok but we will need a Map pack sence the Good maps Barely come up. Also For the First Co-oP is here and a New Mode called Nazi Zombies (Unlocked after beating the Singal Player) and they are all fun but sence Veteran Achievements are not for Multiplayer ( Wich is stupid if you ask me) kinda Makes Playing it a little umm Dumb

Overall the game is GREAT Real score 8.2