Wow... this is a truly incrdible game. Why can't I use a chair as a lethal weapon in other games?

The thing that stands out about dead rising is the ability to use just about anything, from shotguns to fish as a weapon. This is a game that never gets boring. How many zombies can I kill in one minute? Can a water pistol stop a zombie horde? Do pies have mmultiple uses? All of these questions can be answered whilst playing this game. The storyline is immersive and the missions are diverse. The character models are beautifully detailed and animated. Sadly, there are a few flaws in this game: 1. The survivors make George Bush look like a rocket scientist. 2. Little or no voice acting has been given to all the miscellaneous survivors. ("Go away" "Not a chance" "AAAAARgh...." being the only phrases used" 3. The in game text is tiny and your recon man, Otis, is the most annoying character on the Xbox 360 to date. Despite this, Dead Rising stands out for being replayable, fun and insanely gory.