Wendy: Every Witch Way Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Passwords

    Code Effect
    Plus, Minus, Plus, Minus 100% Complete Game
    Star, Square, Square, Star 50% Completed Game

    Contributed by: IAX 

  2. Level Passwords

    The passwords will be listed in order of upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right.

    Code Effect
    Triangle, Square, Star, Circle Level 1-2
    Triangle, Circle, Star, Square Level 1-3
    Triangle, Plus, Minus, Triangle Level 2-1
    Triangle, Minus, Plus, Triangle Level 2-2
    Triangle, Star, Circle, Star Level 2-3
    Triangle, Triangle, Plus, Minus Level 3-1
    Triangle, Triangle, Star, Circle Level 3-2
    Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square Level 3-3
    Triangle, Plus, Circle, Circle Level 4-1
    Triangle, Circle, Square, Minus Level 4-2
    Triangle, Minus, Plus, Square Level 4-3

    Contributed by: Da Hui 

  3. Level Passwords for Normal Difficulty

    The following passwords are for Normal Difficulty. Enter one by choosing Password from the Main Menu.

    Code Effect
    Minus, Circle, Circle, Minus. Cheat Password (Wand Powerup)
    Square, Minus, Star, Plus. Advance World (Level ?-3)
    Star, Triangle, Minus, Minus. Level 1-2
    Star, Plus, Minus, Square. Level 1-3
    Star, Triangle, Plus, Circle. Level 2-1
    Star, Minus, Minus, Plus. Level 2-2
    Star, Triangle, Circle, Plus. Level 2-3
    Star, Square, Square, Circle. Level 3-1
    Star, Star, Triangle, Plus. Level 3-2
    Star, Triangle, Circle, Minus. Level 3-3
    Star, Square, Square, Star. Level 4-1
    Star, Circle, Triangle, Square. Level 4-2
    Star, Plus, Triangle, Circle. Level 4-3
    Square, Star, Minus, Plus. Level 4-4 (Final Stage)

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99 

  4. Debug Menu

    At the Title Screen, press the following buttons five times each: Left, Up, Right, Down, Select.

    Code Effect
    Left(x5), Up(x5), Right(x5), Down(x5), Select(x5) at the Title Screen. Debug Menu

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Da Hui 46K