Way of the Warrior Cheats For 3DO

  1. Special Passwords

    In versus mode, enter the following info to get the desired effect:

    Code Effect
    Gulab, February 29, 1900 Character: Gulab Jamun
    Bad Boy, February 4, 1908 Character: Major Trouble
    Evil, June 6, 1966 Character: VooDoo
    Eyvern, March 9, 1927 Character: Black Dragon
    TAJ MAHAL, JANUARY 1, 1901 Stage: Garden Stage
    SPEED, AUGUST 8, 1980 Stage: Turbo World
    TUGAWAR, APRIL 16, 1964 Stage: Alley Fight
    PARANOID, MAY 5, 1975 Stage: Psychedelic Caves
    A Gavin, Jun 11 1970 Boss: Kull (appears in invisible box in lower right-hand corner)
    J Rubin, Jan 6 1970 Boss: High Abbott (appears in invisible box in lower right-hand corner)

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by MBuffa 71K