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i have night crawled most main female charicters except the night from the consulate not sure how.

i am making a gameplay video for the 'happy ending'.

this is in my opinion one of the best in the franchise.

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Does the game lag in heavy combat like in WOTS3? Like the framerate got terrible in 3 when you were fighting more than 3 people it seemed. I still enjoyed it but that bugged me so much. Is it still the same way here?

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Does the framerate turn terrible like in WOTS3 in heavy combat?

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Where's the location to night-crawl? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is it in a hiidden place in one of the locations? :P

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almost all problems from way of the samurai 3 have been improved.

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if you have a nighcrawl appointment then it will say where to go on the map if not then just ask random women.

be carfull however i noticed a patern to how you get rejected its all about who you talk to.

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The shack is next to the casino across from the Dock to the Black Ship. Shack is also the easiest layout, only one bed and it's 5 feet from the door. The other place in the Harbor area is across where you can sleep in that small alley. That one is a bit harder. Most times you have to go through 3 sliding doors and I've always gotten spotted. I suggest not doing these side quests if you're main goal is to unlock story endings. You usually end up missing the nights, and if you get caught you skip over a section of time in place of the torture mini-game. And yeah, the game has slowdown on huge battles. And I'd say it's worse than 3 when it happens. Because at least in 3 the chains slowed down making it easier to push the buttons in time. In 4 there is no such combo mini-game, so it just messed up your timing.
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is there actual armor in this game or just kimonos?

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@joeygray said:

is there actual armor in this game or just kimonos?

Mostly kimonos. I don't think there is any traditional samurai armor, but I'm pretty sure there are one or two other armor outfits that you can eventually unlock. You can also sort of make your own armor by moving and resizing various accessories.