Best Ending!?!

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Has anyone gotten this one yet!? I have done all the factions quests but after I ignore/fight in the first battle they are never highlighted!!

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the bottom "events" im reffering to!

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If your talking about the hidden ending, its fairly easy to set up the events needed to get it. You may need to run through a few different storylines first, but you should be able to set it up in just one.


To start, make sure the hospitol and language school is open, and the casino is closed. At the start of the next game, make sure to fight akagi in the skirmish. To do this, after you talk to him defeat the 4 guys you fight after you talk to him very fast. He will then go to fight you. Hold R2 and run towards the cannon, and defeat the 2 guys there. Defeat Akagi, and the rest of the people who challange you after that. If you don't fight the 3 sisters, you didn't do the skirmish right.

This will soon branch off into 2 different possible endings. Utilize the hospitol for the true ending, or don't use it for the other hidden ending.