what about hacking other player's missions

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if I heard right, another player can hack your mission ... does that mean you spent hours on a mission and another guy comes and does the last 5 minutes of it and get the reward???

if yes, good bye to this game

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From what I understand, it will be an optional extra so those who don't wish to activate it don't have to.
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all about perks

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I guess it is unfair that we play the game for so long and another player takes our rewards in a short span of time. It should not be allowed as then the fun of the game will be lost.
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I guess that they also have the option wherein we can spy on other player's missions instead of hacking their missions and this option makes the multiplayer game quite interesting.
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The guy in the Utube video didn't make it that clear it was optional. I like the concept of this game but I always play in SP and feel that I should always be free to do so. If this game requires an online connection and messes with the SP gameplay, I will definitely not get it.