Watch Dogs; If you're not playing it now, you should be...

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Hey Guys,

First all just ignore all the haters of Watch Dogs. Critics are useless anyway.

Play this game, it's has tons of open world stuff to do, and you can tell the video game devs put a whole lotta luv into the game-play.

This game speaks for itself....

The online hacking and tailing are fun as hell, there is nothing quite like getting to 100% backdoor install or 100% spying on someone right when they find you to 86 your ass....

This game is a BLAST!

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I would if it weren't so poorly optimized for the PC.

My specs should allow me to play at least on High, but there's a ridiculous amount of stutter (frame rate sinuously increases and decreases):

Core i7-3770K


Radeon R9 290 4GB

Samsung 840 Pro SSDs (HW RAID5)

I'll remember to order a super-computer next time I buy a Ubisoft "PC" game.

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second only to gta hope next version will be much better.

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graphics are bad, driving is boring. and after playing for the first time I gave up after 20 mins. literally the first mission I did had me escaping cops and it was impossible giant yellow circles that bust you if u stay in them, honestly getting trashed 5 seconds into a game thats drab and boring, I remember ps3's GTA V looking better then this gash.

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Graphics in this game aren't that much important it's fine by my standards, but the story is weak, not rewarding, protagonist is lame, missions are poorly designed. Why the hell you need to knock down two guys and kill rest of them, and most retarded thing in these missions is that guys that you must not kill, get run over by their guys, over and over again. I think I re-played "Caught in the loop" mission twenty times because of that.
Most annoying thing here is badly ported controls for aiming/driving. Weird physics of cars, can't drive a car precisely. Bad third person camera, it is pretty obvious that it's made for the consoles.

One word (acronym) for Ubisoft: GTA

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After a long time I play much better and interesting game. I love Aiden Pearce actions stunts. Waiting for new edition. Is there any new part coming of watch dogs ??

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The plot caught me interested and really Ubisoft doing it right. Great game sometimes be like Max Payne. But the issue is that it needs a ubisoft upgrade patch to resolve its fps problem.