How to equip bought weapons?

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I had the silenced pistol at the beginning and really liked it. Then, I saw a pistol on the ground, picked it up, shot a few times to see if it was a cool gun (it was alright), but decided it was better to have at least one silenced weapon. I looked back were I picked this gun up to look for my dropped silenced pistol. No where to be found. I went to a gun shop to equip it from there, but when I click on it, the only control option was "Esc. to Return". Well I want that gun though, I don't want the ones you want me to return to. Anyways, is there a way to get this gun back? No enemies carry it. Thanks for any help!

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@jhact: Bring up your weapon wheel with LB (on xbox), Select the top weapon in the wheel, with the right stick. Then use the d-pad to scroll through different pistol types. hope this helps :-)

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@jhact: dude i had the same issue .looks like they disable access to silent pistol.but there is a better silent gun in different gun shop .not sure the name or place but it expensive.

for the movement i use baton it is much easier handle because one touch of a B button do the works only when you close to the enemy.look at 5..48 in this video