Everyone is entitled for a full refund.

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Dude, sometimes this game is not playable. I'm stuck on a mission where my camera will not move. It's stuck in an upward position. I keep failing the mission. I play on easy because they overwhelm you with attackers from every direction. It's ridiculous. These stupid time limit missions are even more annoying. This game is buggy and not 100% complete. What were they thinking? By far the worse game on the planet to ever come out. They will never be like GTA. Watch Dogs is literally a stupid game and a waste of time.

Where are the cheats? I want to be invincible so I can finish this game and get my $60 worth.

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@Freddy: It's.... really not that hard. I'm playing on medium, and only a handful of missions were difficult... Unless you were playing on the PS3/360, and if those were buggy, then I'd understand but if you're playing on PS4/ONE, it's really not that buggy.

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@Freddy: i had similar issue with one of my old pc.this game need a good graphic card.try to lower the game display setting and try again.if that the problem you'll have to get a good graphice card.

i m playing the game with ultra setting no problem at all.

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