Cant wait for this game!

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Anyone else as excited as me for this games release?! It looks so interesting, not only the obvious points like the graphics are ****ing amazing, but the gameplay seems quite unique. The players choice dictates the story and what will happen throughout, I really like that idea.
I am craving new videos, images, any new info so, so bad!

Please bring us something new soon Ubisoft I beg of you! 


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I Heard That It Will Be Released Nearly Between November-December in 2013.
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one of my most anticipated game of 2013 ............... i hope it be released before 7
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Super Excited, the way combat flows looks cool from the demo also!  the ability to control the enviroment(i.e. the street lights/trains/screens/etc.) is a cool and largely unexplored type of video game. Can't wait!

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It does look like it will be awesome, I espcially like the idea of there being no over arching plot (if i am correct) just a world full of intrigue tio discover on your own.

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I Pre-Ordered it for the Wii-U today in Sweden, release date as it stands now is October 1st 2013
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can't wait for it as the game looks cool and awesome to play.






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Most exciting game coming from Ubisoft
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I guess it is releasing by December end 2013 and cannot wait till then but will have to. The features are amazing and there is a buzz that there will some more multi player features as well.
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i don't remember thinking a game looks too good to be true until now. the great thing is that there's enough gameplay videos out to the point that technical issues seem like the only possible bummer about this game, or mediocre story. hopefully that isn't the case, though I'd be fine with a crappy story if the gameplay is as good as it looks.