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What Gamespot Users have to say about Warriors Orochi

  • User Rating 7

    Typical from the Dynasty/Samurai series. Nothing different from its typical repetitive but addictive gameplay and combat

    Rated on April 19, 2008 by WonderBread88

    Story/Gamplay: 6.5/10 - Typical Dynasty and samurai warriors game. The story wasn't even worth listening to, very boring and just typical "family wu this, family xu that". Pretty repetitive combat th...

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  • User Rating 6.5

    fun if its your first look at these games but very repetitive to everyone else

    Rated on November 24, 2009 by mirriorman

    this was the first dynasty warriors/samurai warriors game that i have played and at first i thought it was a really good game with four story lines and 77 characters to play as sadly as i played mo...

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  • User Rating 6

    As the age old saying goes "Too many warriors spoil the cross-over fighting broth".

    Rated on December 02, 2009 by Sir_Moosecannon

    I'll say it immediately: I'm a huge Dynasty Warriors fan and have been been I bought number 4 a fair few years ago. To me it was the first large scale war game with a load of playable characters, an r...

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  • User Rating 9

    Koei at your (fan)service!

    Rated on December 03, 2009 by nash_latkje

    It hasn't been a long time since I became a big fan of Koei's hack 'n slash games. The stories are great, the characters are really cool, the game system itself is simple and precise. Warriors Orochi ...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    Pretty fun game. Good for fans, and new players.

    Rated on June 21, 2008 by seedofallevil

    You would think that a mix of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors would be a really cool game, especially if you liked either franchise, and are looking for a bit of a change. Well, on the good side...

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  • User Rating 7.5

    A great game in all but still the same as any warriors game.

    Rated on October 04, 2008 by supersonicsoul

    Well let me be one of may to say that this game was great. It is likely most warriors games, hack and bash at your opponents and try to take out the commanding officer. The only difference in this gam...

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  • User Rating 9

    Non-Stop fun for Hack'n'Slash freaks.

    Rated on September 19, 2007 by Ranteal

    Warriors Orochi is a great game. Basically it combines Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors into a plot line of fighting the Snake God/Demon Orochi. You get to play 3 warriors at a time by basically ...

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  • User Rating 9

    Breathes New Life to the Series!

    Rated on September 20, 2007 by FluffyMcBubbles

    Many People have been complaining about the "Warriors" series for a long time, saying it is repetitive and boring. If you are one of those people, your game has come at last. The Game is tot...

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  • User Rating 6.5

    New Concept , Old Content.

    Rated on September 21, 2007 by -Keltic-

    New Concept , Old Content. This game is not what I was expecting it to be. The graphics needed to better for a next generation game also the storyline was short and very basic (4 Storyline's Shu, Wei,...

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  • User Rating 8

    If your a Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fan, then this is the game for you to play!

    Rated on September 22, 2007 by lilman5100

    Warriors Orochi is one of the best of the series, however, this statement is argumentative. If you liked the series Koei has produced than this is the game for you. The battle system is the same as ...

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