Warlock 2: The Exiled Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Loot 10 monster dens Adventurer
    Capture 10 cities Conqueror
    Capture a city Assault!
    Enter a tropical world Almost Heaven
    Found a city Settler
    Enter an ice world Chilling Out
    Enter a dead world Vale of Death
    Enter a desert world Sea of Sand
    Destroy 100 enemy units Fieldmarshal
    Destroy 10 enemy units General
    Accumulate 1000 mana in your mana pool Wizard of Oz
    Accumulate 1000 gold in your treasury Captain Flint
    Found 10 cities Architect
    Enter a shadow world Mission "Appollo"
    Enter an elemental world Overexposure
    Enter a lava world Welcome to Hell
    Loot 100 monster dens Treasure Hunter
    Accumulate 10000 gold in your treasury Croesus
    Hire a legendary hero - Elder Witch Mom? Is it you?
    Accumulate 10000 mana in your mana pool Rincewind
    Destroy 1000 enemy units Generalissimo
    Found 100 cities Urbanist
    Build a temple to Agrela Priest of Agrela
    Defeat King Lich the VI Ashes to Ashes
    Defeat Anna the Benign No Mercy
    Defeat Miralbus the Hat Off with You Hat!
    Win the game on Challenging difficulty Up to the challenge!
    Defeat Krel the Kingpin Mind Over Body
    Win the game on Normal difficulty Solid Victory
    Win the game on Casual difficulty Victory is a casual thing…
    Win the game on Relaxing difficulty It is time to relax!
    Win the game by defeating all other Great Mages Just a Tyrant
    Build a temple to Dauros Priest of Dauros
    Hire a legendary hero - Terrible Monster Beast of Legends
    Defeat the First Rune Witch Blank Rune
    Accumulate 100000 gold in your treasury Scrooge
    Defeat Es Kaliborn, the King of the Svarts Broken Stone
    Loot 1000 monster dens Legendary Looter
    Hire a legendary hero - King Skeleton Eternal Love
    Hire a legendary hero - Sart de Torvega Of a Noble Family
    Defeat Tlalocian Lost in the Jungles
    Capture 100 cities Siege Master
    Defeat Amberon the Light Too Much Light
    Defeat Dragon Queen Firekiller
    Win the game by casting the spell of Unity The United One
    Build a Gold Dragons Nest Fly of a Dragon
    Win the game by capturing all holy grounds Archon
    Build a Breeding Grounds Turtle Races
    Build a temple to Grum-Gog Priest of Grum-Gog
    Build a temple to Lunord Priest of Lunord
    Build a temple to Helia Priest of Helia
    Build a temple to Fervus Priest of Fervus
    Defeat Rjakh. Poker Face
    Defeat King Rrat the L Disinfestation
    Win the game on Impossible difficulty Nothing is Impossible
    Win the game by defeating the United One Liberator of Ardania
    Defeat Mallacir, Countess of Karnstein I Am Sorry, Your Highness!
    Defeat Tal Kalessil Too Old to Fly
    Hire a legendary hero - Barfor Duke of Demons
    Win the game by defeating an avatar Killer of Gods
    Build a temple to Krolm Priest of Krolm
    Enter a Dremer world Dark Memories
    Defeat Xara The Apprentice Will Fall
    Hire a legendary hero - Spirit of Kings His Majesty Spirit
    Build a temple to Krypta Priest of Krypta
    Hire a legendary hero - Lord Keeper Who Keeps the Keeper?
    Defeat Nefertari Eden is Lost
    Accumulate 100000 mana in your mana pool Merlin