WarioWare: Twisted! Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Change words on title screen

    When you are on the title screen if tilt left and right fast enough then the wording will change and it will say something different.

  2. Feeling nosy?

    On the title screen, if you wait long enough, little Wario noses will scuttle onto the screen. Rotating the GBA makes them scurry off the screen.

  3. Unlockable Items

    Upon completing the game to a certain extent, you can unlock in-game items via "Gatcha Koron".

    Code Effect
    Complete Wario's Final Stage Alien (Staff Credits) Item
    Complete every single microgame at least once Pyoro R
    Complete a character's stage Random Item
    Beat Wario's Boss 5 times. Wario Mambo Record
  4. Extra Unlockable Item

    Code Effect
    Get a high score on every microgame through 'Zukan' mode Mawaru Made in Wario "Minigame"
  5. Minigame Towers

    Once you complete Warioman you will unlock the Minigame Towers. I dont know if there is a boss tower.

    Code Effect
    Complete Warioman Easy Tower
    Get 25 points on easy tower Hard Tower
    Get 25 points on hard tower Thrilling Tower
  6. Unlockable Stages

    These unlockable stages will replace the ? marks on the Story menu.

    Code Effect
    Beat Wario's stage Mona's Games
    Beat Mona's stage Jimmy's Games
    Beat Jimmy's stage Kat's and Ana's Games
    Beat Kat's and Ana's stage Jimmy's Folk's Remix
    Beat Jimmy's Folk's remix Dribble's and Spitz's Games
    Beat Dribble's and Spitz's stage Dr. Crygor's Games
    Beat Dr. Crygor's stage WarioWatch Remix
    Beat WarioWatch remix Orbulon's Games
    Beat Orbulon's stage 9-Volt's and 18-Volt's Games
    Beat 9-Volt's and 18-Volt's stage Warioman's Games
    Get at least 50 points on WarioWatch Speedier Spin Remix
    Beat Warioman's Games Skyscraper Remix
    Get at least 25 points on Skyscraper Tower Remix
    Gte at least 25 points on Tower Mansion Remix

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