Read the review. Then compare to other games and what Bethesda is fixing.

Brink proposes a brand new way to play a first person shooter. The idea of moving, instead of camping, has proved to be one thing that the creators wanted to get the players to start doing. The use of SMART has not only enhanced gaming and what might be in the next COD, but will also start a brand new series of a great FPS. Though Brink does have the downfall with the story line, the customization balances it, in my mind.

Not only does it use SMART, but the use of a class system to TF2 brings back an old feel that is refreshing to computer and counsel gamers. Using the solider to refill ammo is brilliant! It encourages team work among players online.

I really want to move onto the story line now. I believe the story line is really well thought of. I also believe that it a break from the repetitive CoD storyline that no one really cares for. The only way that I could have seen this work better is if it was more like, I hate to say it, Vanquish. The reason I really don't like to say that is because vanquish is a scifi third person shooter; however, the way the levels are designed to make a nice break from what CoD produces game after game.

Now lets talk graphics. Brink produces good graphics... with a lag. Of course if you like it on Facebook, Bethesda just sent out a message that they will be fixing the AIs in story and the glitchy online. Here is a quote from splash damage's site "We've now completed modifications to improve network performance and will be rolling these out in a title update for the game." The update is suppose to come out late this week or sometime next week. Fixing these problems will make Brink one of the best games this year.

My overall verdict
Story line: 7/10
Online(once fixed): 8.5/10
Replay ability: 8.5/10
Graphics: 8/10
OVERALL!!: 8/10
Brink deserves more credit than Gamespot gives it. It got a 9/10 on 360 Gamer Mag, 5/5 on daily mirror, 9/10 on EuroGamer.de, 9/10 on MSNBC, 4/5 on The Guardian, and 4/5 on Gamespy.