The good amount of replayability keeps you coming back to it.

User Rating: 8 | Wario Land Shake WII
Well, it's time for IslandBros15 to review Wario Land Shake It. For the Wii.

This is the first Wario Land game I have ever played. Let's see how it came out.

The story starts out in some kind of museum with a globe. It zooms you in and takes you to some kind of cartoon of pirate ship, where a pirate called the Shake King has stolen the Endless Coin Sack, when, with every shake, unlimited coins come out. He has also stolen a girl, who is a queen. Then the camera zooms to a creature, called a Merfle, who escapes the ship. We go back to the museum, where we see a girl stealing it.

Now we go to Wario, who is sleeping in his car.(Gross!) A package arrives for him, which contains the stolen globe. The Merfle appears and tells Wario of the crisis. He seems bored, but then he tells Wario about the coin sack, so then he gets interested. So now your quest begins. You will start in Captain Syrup's Ship, which is the tutorial for this game.

This game is a 2-D platformer, much like the Mario Bros. games. And on the way, you will meet such easy enemies that can't hurt you and there are so many ways to defeat them!(Beware that some can hurt you.)

Okay, first of all, these graphics are great. It felt like I was watching a Pokemon cartoon. They were pretty fun to look at.

The controls are good. You hold the Wiimote on it's side. Use the D-Pad to move. Grab something and shake the wiimote to shake it. Press 2 to jump. And, you can also jerk the Wiimote to pound the ground, which can solve puzzles and stun enemies. So why did Gamestop give this game the demerit of Poor Controls? I have NO idea what they are talking about!

Now, in Wario Land Shake It, there is a LOT of replay value! In each level, there is a checklist of things you can do, along with collecting three treasures. If you complete all the things in the checklist, then you get music tracks for the stage you are in. Each level has alternate pathes, and the levels are designed to make you replay them, so you fail to reach the alternate path, you have to keep replaying the level until you get it right.

Okay, for the levels. The first few won't take that long to complete, about 1-2 minutes. I'm still stuck on the final boss, but it didn't take me long to defeat the main levels. There are 5 worlds, with a boss at the end of each world. At the beginning, bosses will be easy, but don't expect the same later in the game!

Overall, Wario Land Shake It is a good game. Controls, graphics, story, is good. The only downsides were that the levels were short, but the amount of replay value makes up for it. Also, this isn't really a downside, but I didn't understand why Gamespot gave this game the demerit of Poor Controls! Okay, sometimes the controls became unresponsive, but this rarely happened.

This game gets a 8 out of 10 with the title of Great!