This is a great multiplayer game focused (entirely) on internet play.

User Rating: 4 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
Really, I bought this game mostly for the mic which would normally cost $52 or I could buy it with the game for $60. I was surprised, but this game actually wasn't too bad despite what I heard.

Graphics - 3
Below average graphics, I can think of many PS2 games with better graphics than this game.

Sound - 5
Nothing wrong with the sound, it's just very average.

Story - N/A
Only online multiplayer is available in this game.

Gameplay - 1
Very bad. No reload button, you need to just waste out the rest of the ammo in you current clip. Also, no ability to aim unless using a sniper rifle. Takes tons of bullets to kill people.

Replay Value - N/A
No story line, there is nothing to replay.

Multiplayer - 6
Though it's boring, it grows on you quickly. Then you think to yourself "Why am I playing this??" and you stop playing for months at a time. I must say, the maps are actually very great however, and they're massive.
Split screen multiplayer is allowed online for this game.

Pros: Not a lot, just a fun game to play once in a while with a friend.
Cons: Graphics, bad gameplay (no reload or aim)
Trophy Difficulty: 10
One of the hardest platinums to get; you must play an insane amount of time to platinum this game. 1000+ Hours easy (To get one of the trophies, it's required that you spend 1000 hours in a warhawk)

Overall - 4
In all, this is a great game that you could play for hours with a friend, but you will get bored quickly if you play it alone. A very average game recieves a very average rating.