Amazing! Best Game and Online Game on PS3!

User Rating: 9.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
I was craving an online game for the ps3, and due to being bored of resistance fall of man i fugued warhawk was a great choice ... and it was!

This game has everything an online shooter game should have! You get to choice many types of army vehicles, tanks, planes, and other useful weapons, and the great thing is, un like other online games currently on the ps3. this has THOUSANDs of people playing, so your never alone waiting for players or in a map of only 2 people or something sad like that!

The online ranking system is great, and i love how the ps3 saves the names of people you have played against and with, so you can add them to your friends list and play a game with them in the future!.

Sadly there is no offline game, but thats not really needed because the online play is JUST SUPERB!

There is no real tutorial how to use things or weapons or what things do .. you the only problem is that you have to figure it all out ... which isn't that bad, because its easy!

Definitely get this game people! and i hope to verse you guy's / gurls in the future! i am ' peteypeeps ' of the REZZ clan so ... yeah, GREAT game, worth the $50AUS