An insainly fun multiplayer game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
The first thing you need to know about warhawk is that there's NO SINGLE PLAYER MODE. This is the games biggest downfall, as there's no way to practice before you dive into the game and YOU ARE GOING TO GET KILLED ALOT. But after a few hours you'll get the hang of it.
There's also no story to warhawk, the only thing you need to know is that the other team is your sworn eneamy and it is your mission to kill them.
The graphics are good for a PS3 game, and there's little to no pop in when your running, driving, or flying around the large areas. Also this is the big thing, there is also no slow down while playing, i mean at all, I've played the game for hours and I've never experinced any frame rate or slow down issues.
The contorles are also spot on, flying feels great, your crosshair goes where you want it to, and everything else works. You can customize your charecter and plane, but the customization isn't very deep. Another thing is that you can't pick if you want to be the red or blue team, it's just chosen randomly and I think you should have the freedom to choose which team your on.
You can use a headset to talk with team mates if you have one, but I don't so i don't know how well this feature works.
One cool feature is if you begin to shoot your enamy, as long as you kep pressing the fire button, your crosshair will stay locked on, and I think that's a cool feature.
The best thing about this game is working as a team, there's no bigger rush than when you and a few teamates initate an organized plan to steal the enamy's flag that goes perfectly. The game is also very intense, you may even feel a bit of dred as an enamy mows down your teamates with a turrent right next to you.
Also this game combindes all three elements of war perfectly, the on-foot combat, the vehicular combat, and of corse the arial combat.
So overall this is an intense, and fun multiplayer game that should be at least tried by anyone with a PS3.