Weirdly Fun...I downloaded it from PSN and was surprised.

User Rating: 8.5 | WarHawk PS
This game was surprisingly fun. I downloaded it from PSN PS1 section. It was worth the money. The only real problems were first the Password system. They used the passwords of evil in this game but you can always print of all of the passwords on the internet. The next problem is its kinda hard to control on the PSP. The graphics are OK. I mean they arn't current gen but they surprisingly good for a PS1 launch title. But this game has actual footage between missions. Everything in these videos kinda look like StarWars people. The learning curve is about a min. All you need to know is X=accelerate, control pad=flight control, and square=shoot. The missions are fairly easy. Some environments are bland but its not too bad. If you find this game online for cheap I would buy it. If you have a PS3 and PSN I would get it. Its only like 10 bucks what do have to lose.