Warhawk for the PS3 Online Only.

User Rating: 8.5 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
It's here the game most PS3 owners were waiting for since launch. I game that we've been waiting for since it was announced 2 years ago when it was shown at E3 05. Well the wait it over and Warhawk is finally here for you to play online with your online buddies.

First let's start by saying that if you're looking for a single campaign mode you won't find it and the reason why is because that was scrap at the beginning of this year. Incognito decided to go online multiplayer only. I’m the type of gamer that likes to buy games for the single player experience, so I was a little disappointed to hear that, but being that is a fun high flying online game, I thought to myself maybe I should give it a try before I turn it down. Well all I can say is one thing and that is that you won't have a problem finding a game online. You have so many customization and filters to search for the kind of games you want.

There are 5 huge worlds/maps in the game and you have 4 different game modes. Which are the following death match, team death match, Capture the flag, and Zone mode. You also have the choice to fight on foot, air (warhawks), and ground vehicles (4x4 and tanks). You have so many weapons to choose from on foot. On air you have 7 different types of missiles and weapons. You have a lot to do here for just an online game only. Also if you're a little old school like me, a person that likes to play with friends and would like them to come over to play a game on the same TV, then you're in luck because you're allow to play up to 4 players off line and up to 24 in a LAN party. Online you're allowed to play up to 32 players. Can you imagine the fun you'll have playing 16 vs. 16 on a huge map blowing up stuff all over the place? You would usually respawn in the next 5 minutes just like battlefield games for EA. It has the kind of a feel to it. The graphics and the sound in the game sound great. It goes with the feel and the look of the game as far as futuristic and mid 20th century. The controls in the game will take you a while to get use to. But you have the option of changing certain things about the controls like the Up and Down and Left and Right L3 and R3 button. Also before you begin a game you get to customize your character, the warhawk, and the army of your choice. There are two to choose from Eucadian and Chernovan. There's not difference in them there are just for appearance only. Eucadian have a futuristic look and Chernovan have a mid 20th Century look .

If you're looking for an online game with fast pace, high flying action, with tanks, 4x4 cars, on foot action, with huge maps. Than look no further Warhawk is here and it's a game that can not be missed out on if you're a PS3 owner. How can you beat the price of $40 as a downloadable game and $60 for the blu-ray with a headset it's a great deal.