Fight for Freedom over Land , in vehicle or Air, WARHAWKS IS HERE! And knowing is half the battle.

User Rating: 8 | Warhawk (w/Headset) PS3
This game is an online only gam first off and its sweet getting the headset free with this game, just proves how provided Sony is. This game is play straight fun, the maps are very well done and are in decent size. The weapons are limited for the land lovers but in air your arsenal is massive and playing on any map is a field day. Controls are a little strange at first but a few plays and your skill will be ever so increasing. Now ranks are used in this game and it is somewhat difficult at first to rank up. But again its time spent. Respawn in this game is quite fast. Alot of my buddies hate playing this for a stupid reason and its the same as Team Fortress, they don't like the cartoon-like graphics (Stupid reason). The only negative thing on this game is chatter. Its a lame reason but ever game Ive ever been in there are at least 2 people who have there headset on and there breathing in the entire game, it makes me what to switch teams and hunt them down. But again this game is simply fun.