Great at first, turns repetetive real fast.

User Rating: 7 | Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC
a fun glimpse into the warhammer univesre, the shooting and melee works well together. the story hold its own and make sense.
you are immeresed in the atmosphere and the feeling of the helpless battle against the legions of the hordes. you feel like a powerful spacemarine as you go.

the action is constant and you arent slowed down with petty trick of gameplay.

boss battles are done right and are different from one another. there is a feeling of dread when ever a new huge ork enters the area.
the game keys are very responsive and aiming and melee are very easy to do.

most of the time you arent required to think during the game, situations repeat themselves. areas look very much alike.
not many characters to interact with. no change in pace during the battle. you are constantly fighting and fighting in grim corridors and ruins.

after a few hours of loud shooting and fighting the action gets old and you start to get bored.

overall, its game worth playing.
a solid 7.