User Rating: 8.7 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War PC
I'm not really a fan of squad based RTSs, however, this game is incredible. Some major action can happen right off the bat in any skirmish game. All the sides are very fun to play as. I haven't played that much, but from what I see it seems fairly balanced all around (which is very tough for games with more than 3 sides, and the expansions add even more than 4). Have not played the campaign yet, although you can only play as one side (again, expansions add more campaigns for the other sides), but I have heard good things. Team color customizations is very unique. You can add any color scheme to all sides and play as it.

Graphics are very good for an RTS, from far up and even at ground level. Overall, if you like RTSs (squad based or not), give it a try, you wont be disapointed.