SINGLEPLAYER REVIEW: It´s different though familiar, fast-paced yet tactical, SO GOOD but so short.....

User Rating: 9 | Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War PC
I´ll only talk about singleplayer here:

I am very surprised about this game. I´ve been playing videogames for some 15 years now, and i have a major flaw: i like fresh gameplay. Needless to say that RTS, once my favorite, are fast vanishing from my hard drive. But sometimes a gem hapears. This time is Dawn oF War. you have already read the Gamespot review, so i wont go into detail, just mark this; this isnt youre average fun RTS it has enough tweaks in it´s gameplay to stand out, and the gameplay is fast, furious, tactical. Everything we like about RTS. Of course since i´m saying this is a singleplayer review i´ll point out to this game biggest flaw; it´s short campaign 11 missions. Really short. Worsened by the fact it´s really good: the story the characters the missions, so when you reach the end you just want to see more. And the expansion for this game doest help to ease much the pain since the story is not continued. Let´s wait for the sequel wich wont probably be made by Relic. Talking about Relic have you noticed that these guys are really good? Damn, they´re probably the 2nd RTS team out there.