Dark Millennium MMORPG

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reguardless of the highs and lows of the mmorpg game genre i think the dark millennium should strive to make the best mmo they can with what they have for staff it can be done.. i think thats what is wrong in america they say cant more then they say can.. people always find the good games and stick with it.. i have enjoyed space marine even though it has its issues i enjoy the game over all and i like the oline combat ability.. i think as far as the dynamics of the situation of relic and vigil why dont we as customer have a lil faith they can fix their issues on the business side and make a bang up mmorpg. i for one want Dark millennium to be the mmorpg that i have been waiting for next to Mech. warrior online. even at free to play they can make enough money to be a success.. Long live the Emperor.
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i actually support the choice to make it non MMO. now it would just make me even happier if it got multiplat, ps3 and x360. on a side, nearly unrelated thing, id kill for a PS Vita Space Marine port. or SM2 on Vita too
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They chopped the MMO out of MMORPG as of late.God knows how it handles now.