Wargasm Cheats For PC

  1. Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    CHEESE Level 01
    TOAST Level 02
    BUTTIES Level 03
    KEBAB Level 04
    GATEAUX Level 05

    Contributed by: falsehead 

  2. Cheat Mode

    Select any map then select any scenario and arm structure. Wait for the game to load, then type 40hourweeks (All one word) and press [Enter] at the deployment map. Exit to the main menu, and enter the options screen. Click on 'Detail'. A 'Cheat Active' button marked with a red X will appear. Click on that button and then you have cheat mode.

    Contributed by: PieCannon 

  3. Play as the enemy

    First,You must activate the cheat(Infinite ammo and invulnernability) Then, after activating the cheat, press [Shift] and [K] at the same time at the map screen.

    Contributed by: Colonel Chow