War of the Roses Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Reach rank 1. Yeoman
    Reach rank 7. Squire
    Reach rank 13. Shire Reeve
    Reach rank 20. Knight
    Finish as the best player in a ranked match. Grand Player
    Finish 2nd in a ranked match. Almost There
    Finish 3rd in a ranked match. Could be worse
    Reach rank 25. Baron
    Reach rank 30. Viscount
    Obtain all Mounted prizes. Mounted Warfare
    Obtain all weapon efficiency prizes. Infantry Warfare
    Obtain all support efficiency prizes in the game. Support Efficiency
    Obtain one of each prize in the game. Decorated
    Reach rank 40. Earl
    Reach rank 50. Marcher Lord
    Reach rank 60. Duke
    2001 crossbow headshots. Headhunter

    Contributed by: Guard Master