Catherine! oh baby!

Catherine is a sexy, both the in-character and the overall game. The puzzles can be really, really frustrating, but i'm the type of person that likes a well crafted puzzle. reaching the peak of each one doesn't make you feel like you just wasted hours of your life like other games. One will especially appreciate the art style if anime is their thing. Some of the characters are questionably perverted and awkward, though hilarious. I don't want to spoil anything, but if you watched the video review then you have seen the "ass" monster whose mouth is a agape with tongue sticking out in a very...nice area, anatomically speaking. As for the AI, i wish i could describe it as redundant, but it's more than that...it's just plain hard. maybe it's just the urgent mindset it puts you in, or maybe i developed a slight phobia of climbing puzzles b/c it just takes me back to failing the rising acid snake level in Donkey Kong Country over and over again, but it is..crazy.