War Inc. Cheats For PC

  1. Various cheats

    During the game hold alt and type in war. Then let go of alt and type in any of the following

    Code Effect
    togglefog no more fog of war
    lockandload reloads all your units weapons
    quickbuild builds faster
    autowin kills all opponents units
    wincampaign wins the campaign
    veteran upgrades unit
    godmode invincible
    killactiveunit kills the active unit
    loadunits can make all units and buildings
    paulhaney shows enemy units
    viewmap View entire map
    toggleai AI on/off
    rearm Rearm active unit
    moremoney $1 Million and 1,000 RUs
    combo No fog of war, view entire map, quickbuild, and more money
    killactiveunit Kill active unit
    forceresync Force network resync
    enemypowerup Give enemy a Command HQ
    showdanger Show Danger
    dolemite Max out active unit
    dogeatdog Double power output

    Contributed by: captaincanadian 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ FAQ by JLeyba 22K