Beetle Adventure Racing is probably a game you've seen but never thought of even playing.

User Rating: 8 | Beetle Adventure Racing N64
Beetle Adventure Racing is literally an outstanding racer. There's nothing quite like it for the 64. For instance, the single player mode is an incredible blend of platform concepts, racing and sheer exploration. In addition, the multiplayer action rivals Goldeneye with it's unique blend of 4 way competition….

The reward system of B A R is fantastic! Similar to Goldeneye's "pay for your play" access to upper levels, you have to earn the right to play certain boards and cars in BAR. In fact, most of the good stuff has to be earned. The best thing is the way that the doors are opened to upper levels. You don't beat times in B A R like in most conventional racers. You have to collect a total of 100 points on a level and beat varying degrees of difficulty. Points can be found in boxes scattered througout the courses. But you really have to explore to find all of them. This is what makes B A R a winner in the replay and challenge department."