Virtua Fighter 5 vs Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

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Hi guys. I'm interested in buying a Virtua Fighter title for the PS3. Which one do you believe is better? And can you customize the characters' appearance if you don't buy the DLC in VF5FS?

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old vf5 not have online play on ps3 ... new game have . if no dlc you get just 2 costumes for every fighter & cant customize them . also i liked some arenas more in old vf5 ! as arena in river was bright cool looking & in new wersion it is less bright so les fun . also vf5 arena in city was with water so cool reflections of city & in new game no water there ... but new vf5 is coolness !

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VF5FS is a much better game than the original VF5 overall. You get more characters, moves. music, and of course. the PS3 version of the original VF5 does NOT have online play, VF5FS DOES.

But no, you can't customize characters in VF5FS without a DLC pack. That's why Sega released it at a $15 price, so you can get the game cheap, and then they leave the items up to you. They're totally worth the additional purchase though (Especially since you can get ALL the DLC on PS3 for only $30 right now instead of $45). Seriously, the items are so darn cool. They add so much to each character (even some new winning moves with certain items!).

In the end, it'd be hard for me to recommend the original VF5 over VF5FS.

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Thanks for the reply! I'll buy VF5FS with all the DLC next week coz apart from the special offer, customizing characters is awesome and it unlocks a new mode, I think.

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Oops, I should've been more clear in my post. I said you can get "all of the DLC for $30". What I should've said is that you can get the Full Game PLUS all the DLC for $30 until June 19th. Just make sure to buy the VF5FS "Complete Edition" on PSN.

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Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. Thanks!

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I suggest buying a used copy of VF5 from Gamestop, it goes for 5 dollars. The main advantage of the original is Quest mode. Which isn't in Final Showdown. And at 5 bucks, it's worth a purchase for Quest mode, alone. Even if some of the controls and timing will be a little different.

You can find VF5 sealed on Amazon for 20.... if you want it new.

This may make the Ultimate edition a harder choice, if you think too much about 5 bucks versus 30 bucks and consider just buying the 15 dollar V5:FS instead. In that the retail version you basically get all those dress up DLC items for free. It's just that you have to play Quest mode to unlock the stuff. Where as in Final Showdown, you pay for the dress up items for 15 bucks (or more if you buy the DLC's seperately) and can immediately equip any of them.

Also, only those who also bought the DLC for your character can see your dress-up choices and the same goes for you. So it's not like there is any real incentive to buy the DLC Customized stuff. Especially after you play the retail version of Quest mode for about 100 hours. So, you could look at it as buying the retail for dressup and Final Showdown for Online play.... And save you some money. Or you can just buy both, for 36 dollars and have the best of both worlds. I mean... sure it's great unlocking the extra stuff in the disk version. But what's the point if no one else can see your customizations.

I do have to say that Quest mode is fun and addicting and is the only reason to own the retail version.

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Thanks fot the reply, but I'll just go with the complete collection of VF5FS, mostly due to the online multiplayer which gives much value to the game.

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Thanks fot the reply, but I'll just go with the complete collection of VF5FS, mostly due to the online multiplayer which gives much value to the game.

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VF5:O guru here. I would be on this immediately if it had a Quest mode. Will probably still get though