VF5:FS - Do the sound effects sound 'weaker' on this version compared to VF5

#1 Posted by digi-demon (741 posts) -

I got the X360 version of both and the announcer voice and many of the 'contact' sound effects seem heavily compressed compared to original VF5 retail version. Anyone else confirm this?

Seems PS3 got the better deal on this game - mainly because VF5 on PS3's no online Vs mode.

I still Like FS - but also still reckon that the sound effects are a little off.

#2 Posted by RAvEcREAToR23 (79 posts) -

yes sounds little worse then old vf5 but just little ...

#3 Posted by digi-demon (741 posts) -

I'm glad it wasn't just my ears decieving me - lol. True that sound effects not much worse than original though, thanks again :)

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I dunno I thought the sound effects were better in this than VF5, I guess it's down to personal preference.
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No TC is right the sound effects and some of the voices (announcer) were . The announcers voice especially, it's a necessary evil of it being a digital download. Still love the game anyway.