special sparring??

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Do we need both customization bundles to have access to Special Sparring mode? is there progression in there or just infinite arcade mode with customization? do we get titles, icons and accessories like in quest mode? also when we buy the bundles we get all the accessories or is there a way to earn them? cause earning them would lift the replay value a lot

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Yes, you need all the bundles to access special sparring, which pits you against groups of customized AI opponents. From what I can tell, there's no real progression in this mode. You get titles from online ranked matches. I have not seen any icons or emblems or anything, but I've only started online play. You do not unlock accessories like in quest mode. You buy the DLC and all accessories are available right away. I do miss the Quest Mode from FV4:Evo, but I like enough of what Final Showdown has to offer.
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well...that kinda disappoints me. I've been inclined to buy all the DLC since I'm a HUGE VF fan, but when it all comes down to around 45? with no offline progression there's not much to do when one's not in the mood for online play and wants to practice against AI. the thousand of items available should at least be unlocked through playing special sparring. In VF5OE, when you were fighting against wacky fighters you knew they fought their way to that outfit. thanks for the response :)

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No problem. I was happy to pay $30 for the complete package on PSN. I was expecting to pay between that and $45 for this game anyway. When I'm not playing online, I'm spending hours customizing my characters, playing through the groups of customized characters in special sparring, completing the challenges in license mode, and practicing in dojo mode, so I am finding there is no shortage of things to do--although I don't think it will last nearly as long as Quest mode. I agree with you that something is lost now that customization items are no longer earned. There seems to be this shift geared towards competitive players, where everything is unlocked already so that they can access everything without bothering to unlock anything through single-player modes, which they see as a waste, rather than much of the fun of the game. It would have been nice to have things to unlock in online mode even, like emblems, or even more items. Ranks are fine, but I just know that once I reach the ranks that can go up or down, my rank will level off. Anyway. Whether you choose to get Final Showdown or not, I hope you still get to enjoy some kind of Virtua Fighting!
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oh man I had vffs already, im a long time VF fan, and i decided to buy the items and its totally worth it despite the things we mentioned. it gives a visual depth to the game that no other fighting game can offer. I mean, Tekken has lots of characters and some of them are just different looking versions with the same moveset. So this way its like you've got infinite charaters, and its really cool to share your customization and see what others made up online

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So I can understand, on the XBOX 360 if I download all of the dlc, I can fight against my customized characters?

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So I can understand, on the XBOX 360 if I download all of the dlc, I can fight against my customized characters?